Hello, let me start off by saying “Hi, 14 followers. Thanks for staying faithful.” Also, this will be an auto-centric post, so be prepared. Now, you might look at this picture and think “Wow, a Ferrari. That’s awesome.” And I’ll agree with you, they are awesome. but you know what’s not awesome about every modern sports/super/hyper car? Paddle. Shifters. Why? Because paddle shifters are glorified automatics. Now, I drive an automatic Subaru Legacy, and I love my car. And paddle shifters are fun, but when I want to shift gears, I want a full on manual. Paddle shifters take all the fun away from manuals. They do provide faster shifts, thanks to a computer. But you lose the whole use of your body. From the clutch, to the gas, to shifting, you lose all of it. And the thing with paddle shifters is even if you don’t shift in “Sport Mode”, the computer will do it for you. So, you also lose the learning experience of shifting gears and “grindin’ it ‘till you find it.”

It’s unfortunate in America that manual transmissions are becoming more rare. Reserved for sportier models, such as Dodge SRT cars and starting to become a “special order” rather than “standard.” While in England, manuals are standard. I fear that by the time I become a parent, my children won’t know the joy, fear, and excitement of driving a car with a manual transmission.

Now, I know one blog post can’t change the car industry in America. And I’m just a faceless peon in a world of billions. But I will tell you one thing: My next car will be a manual. Not an automatic with “Manual mode”, it will be a full on manual. Whether it be a 4-On-the-Floor or 6-speed. It will have third pedal, and it won’t be a parking brake.

-Jordan Daly (blogger, student, gear head)

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